We've developed realistic scalable crowdfunding solutions for those looking to get their platform up efficiently to start driving traffic and leads. Having tested and tried existing 'out-of-box' integrations on the market, we found nothing comprehensive to meet broader business needs.  The solution we developed is not simply an off the shelf "white label" product.  Instead, it allows your custom crowdfunding platform to launch with the support of experts, the ease of wordpress CMS, while maintaining scalability and adaptability as your businesses develops.



From peer lending, real estate, rewards-based, equity crowdfunding, or more, our solutions are aimed at meeting diverse needs. Do you want to integrates 'flexible' and or 'all or nothing' funding options?  Set the fees per campaign or globally? Support global customers? You choose.  Looking for hands on support and management long term? Or would you rather take over with your own team and developers once you've hit the market? No problem - we are happy to discuss. Contact our team today to learn more.

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Our team understands that starting a new crowdfunding platform and business involves much more than code.  Our direct experience has led us to develop platform solutions and consulting support for new crowdfunding platforms that want to get things off the ground smoothly. Our service + technology allows streamlined integration of all the essentials required to get your crowdfunding platform going: development, payment solutions, marketing integrations, SEO, design, server setup, and more.




We do not offer off the shelf "white label" or 'out of box' solutions. Based upon our experience these options provide limitations in terms of scale and adaptability as businesses develop participate in the large corporate environment.

Instead, we have developed a solution that integrates adapative technology with consultancy as a more realistic approach to creating unique platforms with unique goals.


Our team developed their first platform and market place in 2012 and hasn't stopped since.  


We provide advice on the structure and design of your platform, payment gateway options, accounting system links, customer relationship management, SEO, legal and regulatory frameworks.


We have large corporate experience, start-up experience and not for profit experience.


MyCrowd empowers those looking to build a new crowdfunding platform to be able to design it to their unique needs and create and operate their own market place, while saving time and money along the way.


To discuss your proposal please contact us below.

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  • Strategic Consulting and Planning Stage

  • Access to Crowdfunding Platform Experts, including financial, operational, development and design

  • Custom Adaptable Theme unique to your Platform 

  • Easily editable Transactional Email Templates

  • UI/Skin design unique to your Brand

  • Essential copy and content customised to your brand

  • Unlimited Crowdfunding Projects

  • Offline Payments

  • Instant Payments

  • Mailchimp Mailing List Integration

  • Salesforce/CRM Integrations

  • Easy SEO integrations

  • Easy Security integrations

  • Easy Mandrill Transactional Email integration

  • AWS hosting/server Integration

  • Unlimited Reward Levels

  • Reward Quantity Limits

  • Custom Reward Images

  • Custom Rewards Shipping Pricing

  • Unlimited Project Categories

  • Custom Timezone Campaigns

  • Custom Timeframe Campaigns

  • Custom URLs for Projects

  • Social Media sharing tools

  • Social Media share and pledge tracking/incentive abilities

  • ‘Follow’ project functionality

  • Flexible (Keep-All) Campaigns

  • All or Nothing Campaigns

  • Team Invite for Project Building

  • Custom Campaign Builder

  • Project Display Grid

  • Customise Project Display Grid

  • Sort or Filter campaigns 

  • Easy Wordpress CMS for blogging and page building

  • Performance and Optimisation support

  • Social Media/login registration

  • Set Custom Fees per campaign or default Global Fees

  • Easy Project Updates to followers, supporters or both

  • Project Sharing Widget

  • ​Pledge Orders Export

  • Existing landing page, resource page, and marketing content page templates

  • Easily add and display FAQs

  • Analytics tracking fields

  • Stripe Payment Solutions including Stripe Connect

  • Run projects in Multicurrency 

  • PayPal Gateway

  • Add checkout links on external Wordpress sites

  • Custom Access for admin, marketing roles

  • Receipts

  • Member Creation at Checkout

  • Member Dashboard + Dashboard Pledges/Export

  • Member Public or Anonymous Pledging

  • CSV Data Export


  • Easy shortcodes/modularity for building content.

  • And more...

Or choose more custom features to support your unique platform...



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MyCrowd consultants provides custom crowdfunding solutions for corporates, niche markets, educational establishments and not for profits. 

Working with our consultants, organisations are empowered to design their own crowdfunding platform and create and operate their own market place efficiently.  

Contact us today to discuss your proposal.